The history of the company KORABI Furniture begins in 1983, founded by Nimon Podrimaj, a former political bureaucrat. At first known as Jellovica then Dardania is the first factory in Kosovo for the production of doors and windows. Our company’s goal is to create accessible environments for as many people as possible. Our business idea supports the company’s goal by offering high quality products focused mainly on sustainability, continuous design improvements and usability, make our products known as aesthetic, durable and affordable.

Anyone who opens a Korabi door will discover something amazing.
What do we want from a door?
It should be beautiful and fit us. Protect our home and protect us from the cold and heat. But should we honestly not expect too much?
Sincerely, Korabi. Kosovo’s most popular door.

Anyone who opens a door to Korab will discover more. Experienced, high quality materials and very good quality, made in Kosovo. He can rely on sincere service that leaves nothing to be desired. Amazed by the innovations that make life easier – day after day. It has all the trends and opportunities at hand. And he will surely find the door to his life.

There is an idea and purpose within the designs of Korabi Furniture. A deep-rooted idea in our history.